Christmas dinner in the United Kingdom

Christmas dinner in the United Kingdom - is not only presents, leisure and whiles spended with important people but also… fantastic dishes! Let’s find out what is in typical Christmas dinner menu in the United Kingdom.

Traditional Christmas dishes

You should know that Christmas dishes can be a bit different in different regions of the UK. One of the most popular meals at Christmas is turkey. Britishers usually get a frozen turkey, then thaw it, roast and serve with sauces as they like. Component of turkey can be also the stuffing, however stuffing can has different versions in others regions. For example, in north part of America known choice is chestnut stuffing – chestnut puree mixed with onions, butter, breadcrumbs and herbage. People in Britain choose herb stuffing, mostly with rosemary. Meat well fit to roast potatoes. Interesting part of Christmas Eve supper is chipolatas – little sausages with bacon which usually accompany the turkey. In case of vegetarians in the family, the replacement for turkey can be a nut roast made up of roasted chestnuts, vegetables and mushrooms.

Christmas sweets

Dried fruit and brandy butter are kind of Christmas dessert. Another proposition is mince pies – little pies filled raisins, nuts nutmeg and other ingredients. Baked and dusted with icing sugar they are perfect with a cup of coffee or glass of wine for the end of Christmas Eve supper. Traditional cake on the Christmas table is started months before Christmas. It contains fruits and nuts and every few days is „fed” with whisky. Before holiday dinner it is douse in layer of white icing. With red band that cake looks wonderful.

Key vegetable served on Christmas Eve supper is brussel sprouts, often with bacon. Although a lots of Britishers do not like it, brussel sprouts very often can be found on the Christmas table. Other popular vegetable on Christmas Eve supper is boiled peas and red cabbage.

Christmas is amazing time – also for our nutrition. Tasting of traditional Christmas meals is relevant element of every Christmas. Enjoy your meal!

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